…in Astana, Kazakhastan

Astana became Kazakhastan’s capital in the late 90s. It grew by a million people or so since then. It is a planned city.

a busy bazaar
lots of burgers
former newspaper publishing house, now a museum in honor of the poet Selfullin Saker (and two others)
the Beatles
many ice cream shops and stands, and busy (here I happened to catch a second without patrons and pedestrians)
on a footbridge
Chinese horoscopes
sliced, fried, and spiced potato, about $1.25
around 7:30AM, sun directly behind me, very little activity at this hour, most coffee shop open 8 or after
looking at another footbridge
for circuses
opera house, the chariot on top is similar to the one in Rome’s Venetian Palace
lovers’ park
a mall, has a movie theater and games
an abnormal number of yankees hats (…e.g. child in the middle)
presidential palace
theatre, arts
palace of peace and reconciliation
palace of peace and reconciliation behind me
alas, closed when I arrived 🙁
national museum… “closing in five minutes” 🙁
the foot bridge at night

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  1. Beautiful pictures. You must’ve walked 10 miles a day. Astana, Kazakhstan looks particularly interesting. Wonderful architecture and sculptures. There’s no such thing as too many New York Yankee caps!

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