from olive tree to olive oil

most ripen to deep purple
usually the smaller olives are used for the olive oil
Ceglie, olive harvesting – one common method is to place nets under and around the trees…
and use hands, hand tools or machines to drop the olives
collect them into crates and transport them to a press and into giant crates
move them to a scale to weigh
two-crates worth: 488 kg including the big crates
put into a large pan
pulled up into a machine to separate the olives from the leaves, and to wash the olives
chop and churn, olives and seeds
separate the churned olives from the seeds using centrifuges
separate water from olive oil using higher revolution centrifuges
high quality extra virgin olive oil, single source… bright green but will darken within a day
way back, before we turned machines and metal, it was hands and stone
and time did the separation