…in Napoli and Pompeii

Fried Pizza 🙂
…tourists awaiting their pizzas
Santa Caterina a Formiello (church, built in 1519 base on designs by Tuscan architect Balsimelli).
S. Eligio Maggiore
On the mountain in this picture’s middle, behind the building, is another formidable castle, with tremendous views of Napoli (see below).
Castle by the water.
Palazzo Reale di Napoli
trolley up the mountain.
Edge of the castle on the mountain – Castel Sant’Elmo

train to Pompeii
an entrance into the old section (Pompeii… double i)
Inside a home – Casa della Venere in Conchiglia
This is considered medium quality art, because of the e.g. proportions and the misaligned leg, and and thus in a ‘lower/middle’ class home.
Casa di Loreio Tiburtino (House of Loreius Tiburtinus) – a miniature villa.
(model(s), originals in museums.
Casa del Triclinio all’aperto – a modest home/dwelling, has five rooms arranged in succession on the side of a corridor.
Teatro grande
Tempio di Giove (in Temple of Jupiter – Jupiter enjoyed the most reverence… largest temple)
Santuario di Apollo (Sanctuary of Apollo), around 6th c. BC.
Apollo depicted to the right if facing the alter – here a replica.
…and Diana to the left.
Basilica – meaning house for the kings.