…in Varanasi, India

the city has two small rivers, tributaries of the Ganges (Ganga) – Varuna and Asi (the latter rather a stream). The names of the two make up the city’s modern name–Varana-Asi (aka Benares). The city is also known by its ancient name Kashi. Also, nearby Sarnath is considered home to Budha’s first sermon around 500BC.

down the steps of a ghat, toward the Ganges
Durga Temple
Durga Tample – Varanasi
rural outskirts of the city, on right side of the Ganges
Duraa Temple, Ramnagar
on way to Ramnagar Fort
through the bridge, to the left side
archaeology and arts museum, at Benares Hindi Univ.
pictures inside not allowed
a beautiful building, sadly abandoned