…in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Holy Assumption Cathedral
a bazaar
Magic City – food, shopping
National park of Uzbekistan, named after Alsher Navoi
Medrasah (school) of Abulkasim Sheikh
…so many white cars, and mostly chevies
Kokakdash Madrasah – 16th century
another bazaar
International Islamic Academy of Uzbek.
Mausoleum of Kaldyrgach-bi
WWII Memorial
The Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral

a few metro stations

Toshkent Station
Kosmonavtlar Station
Uzbekistan Station
Alisher Navoi Station
Bonyodkor Station
Runus Rajabiy Station
State Museum of the Temurids
The Zodiacs… “Through the guidance of the astronomers, I predicted auspicious days.” From the Code of the Temur