magik (c)

a thought before I lay and close my eyes
that I have the power to do and say
to battle and win and lose
to forge in the direction I choose

two hours past the mid of night
some work here and there begins
paddling in boat through murky waters
treading for breath from the deep sea

pizza then vanilla cakes for dessert
perhaps pains of friends and lovers
a yellow cougar not too far away
a chase through of all places a Boston way

all in the hours of this one night
when the eyes see naught
when I lack much of my volition
to decide and do and convey

until that is my eyes flutter a crevice
to steal a glimpse of any light
wondering if the new day has yet arrived
wondering if I must wake and arise

for if it is so that I must wake
then I must first smile and greet
the face of this task and its demands
the prospect of unwavering battles and bonds

but my mind is lacking and sluggish
in need of kindness and help before it all begins
too vaguely a thought from the night before
that in the hours when the eyes are open

power and decisions are available and given
that it is I with the power to decide what and how
to do and forge and sound
what effort to put forth along with why

yes even the why is in my domain
when my eyes are open and mind is aware
welcome this world of efforts and light
I grudgingly say to mind

welcome it embrace it and love it
up and arise and do the work
the work and choice are gifted
the how and why are for joy.