…at Residenzmuseum, Munich Germany

a massive residence, rather an ex-palace

an ostrich egg
about a foot in height and width, each door represents a story from scriptures, the middle was stolen and replaced with what used to be the back side.
a gift from Napoleon, has writing instruments, eating utensils, perfumes… and much more, tremendous use of space, about 1’x2’x5”
Persian, from around 1600
from Sri Lanka, around 1543
has 25 pictures telling a love story–The Story of the Western Wing–of Zhang Jingjie and Yngying (a student and a daughter of a high ranking official)… overcoming obstacles
Porcelain with mirror-like black glaze, a mix of iron, manganese and cobalt, and fired in several layers
on the ceiling, a room for consultations, the painting is a reminder of the value of wisdom and patience in judgments and decisions–older man thus age for experience and knowledge; on the right hand is a book and on top of it an owl, thus wisdom; in the left hand is a mirror for reconsideration and reflection; a staff resting on the left shoulder for dependency; and a necklace with a heart.
The Ornate Chapel (private chapel of Duke Maximilian I), dedicated in 1607
Minerva as the personification of the virtues, the Latin text on the scrolls praises wisdom and strength
a massive silver collection
Porcelain, depicting the story of Paris surrounded by Hera, Athena and Aphrodite; Paris selecting Aphrodite, and Mercury as the messenger in the back relaying the selection.
in a weddings room
In the Hall of Treason–depicting the quarrel Queen Kriemhild and Queen Brunhild in front of the Cathedral of Worms.
…depicting the murder of Siegfried at the hands of Hagen.
Kriemhild finds Siegfried’s body and accuses Hagen.
In the Hall of Vengeance — Hagen and friend Folker are refusing to greet Kriemhild.
…Hagen is defeated by Dietrich of Berne.
…the Battle on the Steps between the Huns and the Burgundians.
…dead Hagen and dying Kriemhild.