…in Cingoli & Troviggiano

part of the old town’s walls

Cingoli is in an eastern region in Italy, about half-way between the county’s north and south. It is on a mountain’s summit, about 2,000 feet high, and about 45 minutes from the eastern coast. The region is called Le Marche, meaning margins or edge, receiving its name from being on the periphery of the area under the Pope’s control a few hundred years ago.

Town’s massive doors (or gates?)

Titus Labienus, of Cingoli. A general who fought with/for Julius Ceasar, then went against him to fight for the Republic during Rome’s civil war. He was killed in Spain; Julius ‘won’ the war, but was killed shortly thereafter, allowing Augustus to become the first emperor of Rome.

Troviggiano, persimmons
being devoured